donderdag 6 januari 2011

Urban Baroque & I love Berlin

Yesterday I had to go back to the Hospital for a few scans, after that I felt the need to shop a little. I went to one of my favourite drug stores named “Kruidvat” something like Boots in the UK. Kruidvat  sells two German brands Catrice and Essence  they are really good quality for a very reasonable price.
It was my lucky day… they had the new LE displays out. Everything from my wish list was still there.

·         Urban Baroque Smooth Lipstick C02 Elisabeth
·         Urban Baroque Illuminating Powder C01 Mascarade Ball
·         Urban Baroque Powder brush

The brush is very soft I think It’s gone be one of my daily favourites. The powder has got a lovely scent. From there normal collection I bought an eyeshadow duo “080 Help! I am stranded".

·         I love Berlin “01 Style Victim” eyeshadow  palette
·         I love Berlin “04 Buddy bear” Nail polish

Here in Belgium we have sales during the month January, so if see a discount display I always take a look if I can find something I want to try. And guess what I found…Gosh products for 1€. The stupid thing is that I discovered that they were that cheap when already was on my way home. Maybe I go back to see if there is something else.

·         Gosh Lift me up foundation “23 sand”
·         Gosh on stage cool lip jam “105 and 106”

So that’s all for this time. If you want the see swatches of the products just ask.
xX Chirufus Xx

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