donderdag 10 februari 2011

NOTD Sinfulcolors Wicket Mind with a tartan of Burgandy Apple

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since a wroth something on here, but I had a lot to do and to learn. My best friend Jeanette from Germany came to visit me. We did a lot of lovely girly stuff, but she also had to teach me a few things. I love nail polish but I hate it when it's peeling of or you have tip wear after a few hour, so asked her to tell me about her secrets. She's a real nail junkie and she's got a beautiful Blog about nail polish called "TheSwatchaholic" You really have to take a look there, you will love it ;)

So and now over to what I learned :)

First I applied 2 coats from O.P.I. Nail Envy and let it dry completely. Next step was a layer of Sinfulcolours nail polish in the colour "Wicket Mind". I was very happy because it just needed one coat. Than the stamping :) I did it with "Burgandy Apple" from the same brand and a stamping image plate from Essence. 
Afterwards... the last step a coat of INM "Out the Door" Super fast drying polish, but than a little problem came up.The top coat took some of the stamping away :( I don't know what the problem was...but maybe some of you have an answer for me ;)

Here is the result of my first work without my lovely teacher ;)

 I hope you liked it ;)
Thank you for reading.
xX Chirufus Xx