donderdag 10 februari 2011

NOTD Sinfulcolors Wicket Mind with a tartan of Burgandy Apple

Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since a wroth something on here, but I had a lot to do and to learn. My best friend Jeanette from Germany came to visit me. We did a lot of lovely girly stuff, but she also had to teach me a few things. I love nail polish but I hate it when it's peeling of or you have tip wear after a few hour, so asked her to tell me about her secrets. She's a real nail junkie and she's got a beautiful Blog about nail polish called "TheSwatchaholic" You really have to take a look there, you will love it ;)

So and now over to what I learned :)

First I applied 2 coats from O.P.I. Nail Envy and let it dry completely. Next step was a layer of Sinfulcolours nail polish in the colour "Wicket Mind". I was very happy because it just needed one coat. Than the stamping :) I did it with "Burgandy Apple" from the same brand and a stamping image plate from Essence. 
Afterwards... the last step a coat of INM "Out the Door" Super fast drying polish, but than a little problem came up.The top coat took some of the stamping away :( I don't know what the problem was...but maybe some of you have an answer for me ;)

Here is the result of my first work without my lovely teacher ;)

 I hope you liked it ;)
Thank you for reading.
xX Chirufus Xx

donderdag 6 januari 2011

Urban Baroque & I love Berlin

Yesterday I had to go back to the Hospital for a few scans, after that I felt the need to shop a little. I went to one of my favourite drug stores named “Kruidvat” something like Boots in the UK. Kruidvat  sells two German brands Catrice and Essence  they are really good quality for a very reasonable price.
It was my lucky day… they had the new LE displays out. Everything from my wish list was still there.

·         Urban Baroque Smooth Lipstick C02 Elisabeth
·         Urban Baroque Illuminating Powder C01 Mascarade Ball
·         Urban Baroque Powder brush

The brush is very soft I think It’s gone be one of my daily favourites. The powder has got a lovely scent. From there normal collection I bought an eyeshadow duo “080 Help! I am stranded".

·         I love Berlin “01 Style Victim” eyeshadow  palette
·         I love Berlin “04 Buddy bear” Nail polish

Here in Belgium we have sales during the month January, so if see a discount display I always take a look if I can find something I want to try. And guess what I found…Gosh products for 1€. The stupid thing is that I discovered that they were that cheap when already was on my way home. Maybe I go back to see if there is something else.

·         Gosh Lift me up foundation “23 sand”
·         Gosh on stage cool lip jam “105 and 106”

So that’s all for this time. If you want the see swatches of the products just ask.
xX Chirufus Xx

woensdag 5 januari 2011

Discovering Lush

Due to the accident I had I was obliged to stay in bed for a few weeks. In the beginning I slept a lot but after a while it’s boring being alone. The Internet ( You Tube) was the right solution. I looked so many videos… and then of course you cant ignore the Lush hype. Many of the Lush Lovers talked so passionate about the products that I really felt the need to give them a chance. I heard that Lush is a lot cheaper in the UK than in other countries and in my situation it was the best way to buy online.

Now you are probably very curious what I bought ;) 

·         Honey I washed the kids
·         Heavanilli Massage bar
·         Soft Coeur
·         Mange too
·         After 8:30
·         Sweet lips lip scrub

It took a while to get the parcel but that wasn’t Lushs fault it was the Belgium Post that were responsible for the delay .
I didn’t try everything yet, but what I used I love. Honey I washed the kids an Soft Coeur are my favourites. I don’t know about the lip scrub. If you would take some sugar and honey you would get the same result in my opinion.

Of course I had to try the Christmas specials so that was the reason for my second order. 
The parcel was filled with the following goodies.

·         Gingerbread House
·         Snow Globe
·         Sugar Plum Fairy
·         Snowcake Soap
·         Jumping Juniper
·         New Shampoo Bar
·         Hot Toddy
·         Christmas Kisses
·         Vit E TonerTab
·         Snow Fairy small bottel

I absolutely love the Snow globe and Snowcake. Why doesn’t Lush sell Snow globe in summer it has such a fresh scent. Than the shampoo bar; Jumping Juniper makes my hair so nice and shiny Love it and it’s very handy to take with you If you go on holiday or to the gym.
The bubble bars are OK. I divide them in 3 pieces and use 1 piece a time and it gives your bathroom a nice scent. Only the bubbles are less but that’s not the reason why I use them.
The rest is still waiting to be used :D

After all…my first experience with Lush was very good and certainly their customer service.
I hope you enjoyed reading my post and sorry for the mistakes in my writhing but I’m still learning English.

xX Chirufus Xx

maandag 3 januari 2011

The 15 Random Facts About Me Tag

15 Random Facts About Me Tag
I just read this tag on the Blog of a twitter friend of mine.
Here is a link to her blog The dolly mix diaries you really have to take a look she's got a lovely blog.
I love reading tags because that’s a perfect way learn more about the person how wrote it.
So let get started

1. I am a true doubter when it comes to buying something.
2. I love looking into (not always really reading ;) Magazines as “Glamour” and “Wonen Landelijke Stijl” it is a Dutch magazine about interior design!
4. I'm a Virgo
5. I can’t live without coffee and sweets.
6. I don't like Snakes. I am really scared of them.
7. I love watching Interior and cooking programs such as Debbie Travis’Facelift Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares or programs like Trinny and Susannah I love their shows.
8. I'm naturally blonde but dye my hair .
9. My Favorite “colour” is  Black, I always ware something black .
10. I really addicted to Handbags and Shoes !
11. I love and soaps like  Addams Family, Ghost Whisperer and The House of Eliott
12. If I could go back in time I would like to go to the 1920 - 1930
13. My favorite pets are cats and dogs
14. I follow a training to become a make-up artist
15. I love my Little fury friend Rufus.

I hope you liked this post! 
If you have other Tag suggestions feel free to let me know in a comment below ;)

xX Chirufus Xx