maandag 13 december 2010

My make up story

Just want to say hello on my first entry ;) 
It seemed a good idea to start with a few tags that goes around on YT and other blogs  at the moment. 
I think that's a nice way to learn a little bit more about someone.
So let's get started.... 

My make-up story
How old were you when you started wearing make-up?
It must been around the age of 14 that I started to use mascara and a black kohl pencil. I also used a very light frosty lipstick originally it was the lipstick my mother wore on her wedding day

How did you get into make-up?
Not so long ago (in Spring of 2008) I discovered “Panacea81” and “MissChievous” on YT. Due to MissChievous I learned about and I got inspired there by all the lovely people.

What are some of your favourite brands?
For the high end products it must be Mac, simply because I never tried anything else. And for drug store lines I prefer Catrice and Essence.

What does make-up mean to you?
Some kind of Art and a way of expressing your feelings.

If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
       Tinted moisturiser 
       Very dark brown eye shadow (so you can use it for the eye brows and as an eye liner)
       Lip conditioner

What is your favourite thing about make-up?
With a few things you can change someone's look or expression completely.

What do you think about drug store make-up and high end?
I love them and I’m very happy that I have the chance to try them

What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
Practice, practice, practice and never give up.

What is one make-up trend you never understood?
Every trend is there for a reason and it’s your own choice if you want to follow it.

What do you think about the beauty community on You Tube?
It’s a good way to find information about products and to communicate with people with the same interests.

So I hope you liked it, if you got any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.

You can send your questions to me in Dutch, English or German.I will do my best to answer you back in the same language. Maybe I'll try to write in German to but I'm not sure about that because I learned it myself so it isn't flawless, just like my English.

Have a nice day or evening and see you on the next post.
xxX Love Chirufus Xxx

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